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Publisher based services for writers and artists.

Services  Offered:  for writers, artists and musicians.

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As a new writer and artist incubator we understand your need for immediate and cost effective assistance is often important.


The web is filled with services to assist you in educating yourself for becoming published, but what does it offer you in the way of marketing your concepts?


We get asked the same questions very often when it comes to the “HOW DO I” questions.


For that reason we offer several services at a low rate to get you started for publication on our incubator site.


You do not have to use our services but they are here for you as a convenience.




We now offer a separate design service for anyone whether or not you are published here. If you are published here there is no charge.

For a small fee of only $150.00 we will set you up with a great looking web page using Word Press. We will create up to 5 pages and more can be added for small additional fees.




We will provide you with a very nice first book cover. For example, most of  the featured authors currently  had their covers  created by our service. We also created the Ms. Rebecca book covers .

A fee of  $99.00 will get you a basic cover created by our staff artist. We will allow two revisions on your part before you will incur any other charges. If custom photography is needed to achieve the look you desire there will be a small licensing fee from the photo service we use for up to 500,000 book sales. We will inform you of the fee before using any such photography. Usually the extra fee is below $20.00.  [Pricing subject to change.]




For a small fee of $25.00 we will use our resources to create three possible names for your new book. We will utilize a title scorer to determine if its potential success as a title is over 60% as a potential best seller. You can do this yourself and we will tell you how to do it at no charge but if you do not have the time we can do it for you. You will make the ultimate selection of your book title. [ Guarantees of success are not implied by our service. Price subject to  change.]




When you submit your art or your text to us for publication it needs to be formatted in a Portable Document File of PDF style for publication on the site. Art will need to be in JPG as well.  You can do this yourself for free and we will tell you how to do it. OR you can let us do it if you do not have the time. We charge $50.00 for up to 200 pages. If your text is over 200 pages we will quote you a fee. You can add in 200 page increments for the published price. [ Subject to change]

If you are an artist, you won’t have pages of text. You will have pages of artwork. Our conversions fee covers  up to 20 art submissions as opposed to pages of text.



SUB DOMAIN Management:


When you obtain a published spot as an author or artist and there is a BUY NOW button next to your work, we will provide you a sub domain , under our publishing domain for use by you exclusively for blogging or promoting yourself. You will be responsible for managing this site yourself or you may hire our basic management services for making changes at $35.00 monthly. You write, we post. You are allowed up to ten changes per month. Other changes are at an additional fee, usually $5.00 each. [subject to change]

Once a year you will be charged for your share of bandwidth usage on our subdomain. Usually this is $30 unless you have exceeded our capacity and we will let you know in advance if that were to happen. Then your fee might go up in $5 increments depending on your usage.



Anything else you may want us to do in assisting you that requires more than the usual  is obtainable at an hourly rate. We will let you know when we enter that uncharted territory in your creative adventure BEFORE you incur any charges. You can then decide if you need to hire our services.  Such a service might be for proofreading documentation or scheduling you for talk  radio program interviews.



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