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Publishing & Marketing incubator for the life you're creating.

Marketing for you!


You’ve got a lot of product ideas and experiences

that others might want to experience!

But you don’t know how to get those

important ideas to the world.



That’s why we’re here!



 Internet marketing for products and services are changing at an ever faster rate! You need new and innovative ways to compete in today’s rapid business world.


Maybe you have  a new or existing product to sell. It might even be music,  poetry or  sketches you created years ago that are still gathering dust on the top shelf of your closet or in that drawer in the back room!


Or maybe you wrote that great short story and thought it was too short to publish anywhere.


Perhaps you thought no one would like your music or lyrics.


Don’t you think it’s about time you changed your life by publishing your creative moments?


Let our editor give you an evaluation, it’s free, and if she likes your ideas we can offer to publish it in our web site dedicated to new and emerging authors, musicians and artists.


 We use innovative and creative marketing ideas to drive potential business to our site where your product or service is seen.


If something isn’t working we can quickly advance to a different strategy without a lot of effort on your part.


One of our creative processes, if appropriate to your medium, is to get you guest appearances on talk radio. That medium is powerful and will drive listeners to your presence on our site.




 Imagine yourself talking to millions of listeners!





 If your thoughts are designed as free information in service to others you can publish those thoughts here as well!


If your thoughts are published for sale you can make money with us twenty four hours a day every day of the week if your thoughts are purchased in our catalog store.


What have you got to lose? Nothing.


What have you got to gain? Everything!


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