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Lama Karuna Seva





Lama means “teacher”, Karuna means ” compassionate”, Seva means “selfless service”… thus the Honorific name given the author by a High Lama in 2009 means Teacher of Compassionate Selfless Service.

The honorific was bestowed as a result of the author assisting a group of enlightened Buddhists with understanding wisdom he obtained while off world.

The writings contained therein are the result of that process of off world instruction.

The book is entitled: PLEASURE PARADOX: More Pleasure, Less Pain, Greater Joy In Your Life.

The author is experienced with public speaking having been an honored guest on hundreds of nation wide and some international mainstream talk radio shows on other subject matter. He has been a sought after speaker in public venues in person across the country on those same topical areas. He is best known to date as the first US representative for the well known “Billy Meier” Contacts with Pleiadians. His own adventures off world can be viewed on the website: www.awaken-ning.com .





















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