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Arts and Wine Portal

NOW ACTIVE!  All about the world of art and wine… from our out of the box point of view… definitely nonvanilla…   [Scroll down to portal.]

 Art Portal. Click on this image to go to that section.

Catalog Arts


 The arts pages are for existing and emerging artists we like and wish to support with reviews and access to their art for purchase from the Artist.


Every kind and style of art are welcome if you wish to be one of our featured artists.


Our reviews will include many art shows we attend in search of new participants. We’ll tell you which shows are the most fun and interesting!





Wines and Dines Portal. Click on this image to go to that section.

wine portal


 Within this section we review many different wines.

NO big words or snooty text expertise designed for making  us seem superior to beginners or long time wine lovers… just good experiences revealed!


We don’t claim to be experts but we know what tastes good in various varieties and colors. Our friends seem to agree we know what is nice before everyone else finds out.


We’ll give you an honest simple recommendation of all the wines we taste in order to save you some money in trying something only to discover it was just so so. It won’t matter if the wine is with a cork or a screw top. What matters is taste. I guess you might think of us as “street smart” reviewers.


We’ll also give you some great recipes for wine use to make a so so wine much better so it’s not wasted.


Also, advice on the wine bars and free tastings we find in our travels that maybe of interest you and so much more…


Feel free to send us your favorite finds in all areas of wine…






More Content pending. Stay tuned.

“Sometimes what you don’t know controls your life.”

Attributed to Val Van DeWall


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