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Your free download is available here:


Right Click on the Book Cover and select SAVE LINK AS or SAVE TARGET AS if you are using Explorer.

Your PDF copy of the book will be downloaded to the file you specify.


Please do not give your downloaded copy to

another even though it is free.


All we ask is that you send them to the form request page so we can track where we are sending the free copies.


As long as everyone honors this simple request we will not have to add additional security features which are expensive.


NOTE from the Publisher: Mary has wanted to make this book available for free for a long time. Many of you have probably written material and you know how hard and time consuming the work is. Her contribution to humankind in this work is priceless. However, she needs to make ends meet just like you do. If you believe her work is valuable in your life please consider a donation in honoring her years of hard work. This is not a tax free donation to a non profit. It is you acknowledging her service to you and others.Donations go directly to her not to the Publisher. We think she deserves your loving attention. Even small amounts are appreciated. The download is free no matter what your choice. Thank you. Editor TSP

Send us a message on the comment form below that you would like to donate and we will email you a link to a donation page. Thanks! [NOTE: Your comment is private and will not be posted.]


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