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Allergic to sulfites in wine?


We want to start our journey with you with some amazing discoveries that nearly no one seems to know … even the experts.


Rebecca had not been able to drink wines most of her adult life due to an allergic reaction (even small amounts) of sulfites which are present in most wine. Yes there are low sulfate wines but even those gave her a head ache.


After some long involved research we found some Australian studies on that subject and even found a product that was available in only a couple of places in the US at the time we studied it.


A spray into a glass of wine and the sulfites were neutralized! AND … the wine still tasted great.


Since it was too hard to find the product readily available we discovered its main component and it was readily available most anywhere. What is that secret?


Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide!  Yep, a kind of oral mouthwash. One or two drops in a glass and the head ache problem went away. That was the first discovery. Usually for under $2.00 you can buy a pint bottle at your local pharmacy. Also, obtain an eye dropper, or small purse sized spray bottle and you’re ready to go!

 [NOTICE: Every person has a different tollerance to sulfites. This one or two drops may or may not be enough for you. It is your responsibility to determine what is right for you or not right for you. If you need medical advice get it.]


There is a second discovery that may work for you. An over the counter food supplement named TAURINE seems to have a similar effect for some with sulfite allergy. Rebecca finds that both work for her equally well.




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